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KBC TK-8 Predator White Full Face Motorcycle Street Helmet

Anyone who is into tattoos has probably seen the obiquitous crouching panther tattoo flash. The motorcycle helmet graphics of the white KBC TK-8 Predator helmet includes large red and silver versions of that panther design in its factory custom motorcycle helmet paint scheme.

This approved DOT/Snell full face motorcycle helmet from KBC is also packed with goodies, including a tough yet lightweight high-impact alloy polycarbonate outer shell, extensive five-way venting, tool-less shield changeability, anti-allergenic moisture-wicking washable liner. The feature-complete white KBC TK-8 Predator helmet is engineered from the inside out for superior fit and riding comfort.

This mid-level full face motorcycle street helmet's outer shell is a one-piece injection molded aerodynamic structure manufactured from ATR (Alloy Thermo Resin) Advanced shell material, a specially modified thermoplastic alloy that is lightweight yet tough enough to dissipate impacts and resist penetration, and no doubt helps this KBC motorcycle street helmet meet or exceed DOT and Snell motorcycle helmet standards

Aerodynamic design of the outer shell plus the balanced weight throughout make the KBC TK-8 Predator easy to wear with a balanced secure fit and helps prevent high-speed wobble, which both improve riding stability and significantly diminishes rider fatigue.

The right and left sides of the helmet features the red and silver panther design along with red scratch marks on the forehead and chin bar and "KBC" in golden-bordered black Gothic letters on the chin bar, beneath the shield pivot area.

The KBC TK-8 Predator graphics also include a predominately black stripe that runs vertically up and over the top and down the back of the helmet. Tough, clear polyurethane protects the painted finish and motorcycle helmet graphics against scuffs, scratches and permits easy soap/water cleanups.

This full face motorcycle helmet's one-piece design features an integral padded and lined chin bar for even greater strength plus a large window for unobstructed peripheral vision. To cover the window, the KBC TK-8 Predator comes with a multi-position flip-up ratcheting KBC Helmet face shield made of injection-molded optically-correct clear 2mm polycarbonate.

The KBC TK-8 Predator shield is flush fitting for reduced wind noise and utilizes KBC's Exquick removal system that allows shield swapping with no tools required; but it requires a lot of pressure on a small pull ring that makes shield changes more difficult than most quick-change shield replacement systems.

Replacement KBC Helmet face shield options for the KBC TK-8 Predator full face motorcycle street helmet include clear, light smoke, dark smoke, yellow, blue, and mirror.

The deluxe comfort liner of the KBC TK-8 Predator is crafted from Duralux, a soft, anti-allergenic and breathable micro-fiber that is both sweat resistant and moisture absorbent. The fully removable, washable, and replaceable liner includes Airnet gauze sections between liner panels to improve air circulation and comfort. The chin strap retention system uses strong black nylon with double-stitched chrome steel "D" rings.

Ventilation for this KBC full face motorcycle street helmet is impressive from the twin two-position switchable forehead air intake vents, with a lot of credit going to the interior lining that lets air get to the rider's head, as well as the rear exhaust extraction port underneath a minimalist spoiler/extractor that creates low pressure venturi vacuum and maximizes airflow inside the helmet.

A two-position open and close switchable front chin bar venting system with separate open and close shield demisting port provides fresh air to the mouth area and up to the inner-shield surface to help clear occasional fogging.

Additionally, the KBC TK-8 Predator offers switchable side vortex vents as well as lower back venturi exhaust vents release more hot air and humidity buildup. The five-way controllable ventilation and cooling system allows ample amounts of fresh air flow. The side vortex and lower back venturi exhaust vents have chrome covers.

Good, well-thought-out design is evident throughout the white KBC TK-8 Predator helmet and that makes it a highly appealing package when compared to similar full face motorcycle street helmets on the market.

This KBC motorcycle helmet is loaded with features and an unbeatable value at a suggested retail of $125.99. It not only offers the strength, durability, and protection of an approved DOT/Snell full face motorcycle helmet, but if you happen to have that obiquitous panther tattooed on your skin, you can impress everyone with a matching lid.

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